Useful information for traders

Who are Forex brokers

кто такие форекс брокерыWho are Forex brokers, and what role they play in trade in the foreign exchange market?

With the development of modern Internet communications became available Forex trading for the majority of private traders and investors. If earlier to trade in the currency markets could only favorites (large corporations, banks and owners of large fortunes), but now almost everyone can afford to trade on the Forex. You do not need to make huge investments have enough in the account 500 - 1 000 dollars for a comfortable trade. To gain access to the currency market, you need to open an account with a Forex broker who is the intermediary between you and the currency market. Before you start trading Forex, you need to understand who the Forex brokers and what they do. Read...

How to distinguish a Forex broker from the “kitchen”?

форекс кухняMost traders believe that to succeed in the forex market to develop quite a profitable trading system and have a high psychological stability. However, there is another important element in Forex trading that is often overlooked by novice traders - it is a choice of honest and reliable broker. To understand how a broker can affect the profitability of your trading system, you must have an idea of ​​how the broker, and how it differs from the "kitchen" of dealing centers who earn on your statement.

Technology trading and account types

What type of forex broker to choose - DD, NDD, STP or ECN?

Before you start trading Forex, you need to choose a broker. Today on the Internet there are many terms related trading technology and types of Forex accounts. DD or NDD, STP or ECN - to choose a novice trader, and that is suitable for professional trading? Not to be mistaken in choosing a Forex broker, you need to learn to understand their purpose.

ecn,ndd,stp,dd Read...

Economic calendar

We present you the calendar, which publishes information on important economic news outlet. You can see how important is the economic indicator published, learn the date of publication, as well as analysts' forecast, the previous and the actual data. All information delivered online!

The economic calendar is an important addition that will allow you to always be aware of all the current and the most significant events in the global economy. The calendar is very simple to use and its operation will be able to easily understand even the novice investor. All published news events, you can filter based on the country in which the data will be published, and given the importance of which is calculated on a scale from 1 to 3. The number 1 means that the news will have a very weak effect on the market, respectively, the number 3 points that after the publication of data can be expected surge in volatility in the market.

With what amount is best to start?

с какой сумму лучше начать торговлю

What is the amount you can start trading Forex? Basic rules for trading on a live account.

Many novice traders are wondering: what amount you can start trading Forex? This question is complex and requires a detailed approach. Today, most brokers do not place high demands on the required minimum deposit, usually ranges from 1 to 100 dollars. However, as practice shows, this amount is very often not enough for a profitable Forex trading. Regardless of what you use a strategy for each open transaction recommended set is not more than 5% of the size of the deposit. Only in this case, you can count on the fact that the investment will bring a profit over time. The second important issue is the amount of profit that you want to get away from their strategy. It should be noted that the history of how the trader earned $ 1,000 a month, having on his account $ 100, are either fictional or very risky. On average, any strategy provides an increase to the deposit from 15 to 20% per month at a moderate risk. So, if you want to earn $5-10 per day, the minimum deposit to trade Forex should be between $500 and above.

How to choose a reliable forex broker?

как выбрать форекс рокераThe question is not easy, even for experienced traders who have not changed a single company. And what about those who only recently matured for earnings on the stock exchange? Forex brokers are many, and each has its own peculiarity. So today let's talk about what to look for in the first place, and what factors only for advertising Read...