1. Who are Forex Brokers?
  2. Technology trading and account types (DD, NDD, STP или ECN)
  3. How to choose a forex broker
  4. With what amount to start trading forex


Обозначение в рейтинге

goodbroker Reliable Broker - This symbol is used only to proven brokers with whom we work not the first year and the quality of services is not in doubt.

Сомнительный брокер Doubtful broker - Open an account with these companies is extremely risky, usually these DC have a large number of negative comments and / or problems with the withdrawal of money.

Новый брокер New broker - the company first appeared on the market and talk about some of reliability does not make sense.

кухня Kitchen - designation of the companies for which the discharge of the deposit is the main income of the trader.