How to choose a reliable forex broker?

как выбрать форекс рокераThe question is not easy, even for experienced traders who have not changed a single company. And what about those who only recently matured for earnings on the stock exchange? Forex brokers are many, and each has its own peculiarity. So today let's talk about what to look for in the first place, and what factors only for advertising

In general, all brokers are divided into two broad categories: those that put customers on liquidity providers and obtained as a percentage of the profits of the transaction, and those who trade in their "kitchen". In the second case, the interests of brokers and traders are in direct confrontation with each other, so for a long and profitable trading you need to choose the company in the first category. That is the first thing that you need to be pay attention - is the quality and reliability of the broker, as well as its reputation. The second follows from the first smoothly. This is the level of reliability is a key indicator of confidence or no confidence, on the contrary to the broker. Those companies whose work did not cause any complaints, are my top ranking brokers. Even if these companies and claims arise, they are resolved quickly and to the point. No one is immune from the communication failure, hacker attacks on servers, but these are isolated cases. Brokers who regularly practice such things only bring interference to their customers, and thus deliberately cause them to lose some (or even all) of the profit. Execution of orders to interfere, only 1 point in total gives a lot of money per year.

The company, which monitors its reputation will be sufficiently demanding to select their clients. The man in the street just will not be able to open an account. Scan the passport, verification of the cell phone number, etc., says that access to your accounts attackers most difficult.

The possibilities offered by the broker, should coincide with your expectations from Forex trading. Even the best forex broker is powerless if the trading strategy does not work in a profit. And the question is not even in the choice of specific indicators or advisers, and, for example, the correct choice of the type of processing orders. In total on the market in two ways of processing orders at a specific price specified by the trader (Instant Execution), or the current market price (Market Execution). In the first case, if the price at the time of execution has changed, then the trader will receive a response of re-quotes. On the other hand, no slippage and the accuracy of the exercise price - ideal conditions for scalping. In the second case, the order will be executed at the current market price, respectively, of the market situation will be calculated the spread at which the broker has received his commission for the service. That is, in Market Execution is impossible to predict in advance what portion of the profit will have to give. Therefore it is necessary to study carefully the proposed trading conditions. Remuneration broker can reach 60%, with the inattentive type of account you select.

Have a reliable broker, as a rule, good technical support. In order to see how quickly and affordably common user questions are solved, you can go to the forum of the section "Questions and Answers" or the like. In the position in the ranking of brokers, this factor does not have much impact, as it is automatically included in the concept of "reliability and quality of work."

Suffice it useful bonus - a variety of additional working chips to have at your disposal software. For example, if you spend most of their time away from a desktop computer, it will be a very useful application for mobile devices. Control over the execution of transactions from anywhere in the world, will save you from having to constantly monitor every tick.

But training, analytical calculations directly on the company's website, etc., it is a nice addition, against the backdrop of the beautiful shopping environment. These companies are particularly marked with an asterisk in the "Recommended broker" my rating.



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